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DOM D’AGOSTINO 5a | STOP TUMOR GROWTH? best: keto & ketones & HBO2
presents episode 465 | Dr Dom D’Agostino
IHMC podcast

-partial pressure
of oxygen
(amount of oxygen
in dissolved in
100mL of arterial

-high levels
turn off

Dr Thomas Seyfried
and Dr Adrian Scheck
-have shown
that the ketogenic
diet can suppress
tumor growth

Study showed that
-combination of
keto diet &
hyperbaric oxygen
Prolonged the
-survival of mice
with metastatic

-aggressive form
of cancer that
rapidly metastasizes
throughout body
and brain
-animal dies within
2 to 3 weeks
Result: with HBO2
-spread of cancer
was slowed down

Result: with keto
diet, cancer spread
also slowed
But, with both
HBO2 and keto diet:
-was most effective
at slowing tumor

Also found that ketones themselves inhibit cancer viability…
-even in high glucose, dead cancer cells increased and
-cancer cell
-ketones turn down
glycolysis &
activated cancer
suppressing genes

Study: combination of: keto diet; ketone supplementation; and HBO2
-Results: this combination was most effective at slowing tumor growth
-Control (standard western high carb): black line
-Combination diet: green line


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