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DOM D’AGNOSTINO 5 | HEALTHY MITOCHONDRIA…key to prevent & fight off cancer
presents episode 358 | Dr Dom D’Agnostino
of CrossFit conference presentation

Initial damage to mitochondria is main driver of…
-turning a normal cell into a cancer cell
-genes involved, but…
~it is the metabolic control of those genes
~that is the root cause
NIH (National Institute of Health)
-research shows how metabolism
~is directing those gene pathways
-to initiate carcinogenesis
-and cancer progression

Tumor hypoxia–as tumor expands…
-core of biomass becomes hypoxic
-damages the mitochondria more
-inside of tumor takes on a more
aggressive Warburg phenotype
-fermenting sugar as it grows
Advanced stage tumors have…
-abnormal mitochondria

If you have normal mitochondria, they call the shots…
-will keep high bioenergetic state of the cell
-high ATP will enhance the fidelity of
the nuclear genomes, so
DNA repair will happen

Dr Tom Seyfried:
“Ultimate tumor suppressors are
healthy mitochondria”

Keep mitochondria healthy?
-cross-fit (or other high intensity exercise)
-ketogenic diet (or other low carb eating)
-intermittent fasting
-periodic caloric restriction

Drugs being developed that target…
-PI3K / AKT / mTOR pathway
-drugs only work with ketogenic diet
-suppresses insulin signaling

Elevated ROS (reactive-oxygen species) kicks on…
-inflammatory pathways
-which damage mitochondria

As tumor pumps out lactate & lowers the ph…
-this changes the micro-environment
-so your body doesn’t recognize that
-you have a tumor
Keto diet increases cancer immunity
-increases vigilance of immune system
-to recognize & attack cancer
~Dr Adrienne C. Scheck has
published on this


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