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DOM D’AGNOSTINO 4 | WARBURG EFFECT…Drives tumor to circulate & metastasize
presents episode 357 | Dr Dom D’Agnostino
of CrossFit conference presentation

Currently over 30 clinical trials on using the ketogenic diet…
-on cancer

Ketones decrease the proliferation in these cancer cell types…
-damaged mitochondria
-over production of oxygen-free radicals

Dr Thomas Seyfried:
-cancer metabolism is fundamentally different than in
healthy cells
Warburg Effect:
-damaged mitochondrial respiration &
compensatory fermentation
(NOT using the aerobic respiration pathway used
by most cells)
(less efficient, but does not require oxygen, so more flexible
and ALLOWS PROLIFERATION by using glucose & glutamine)

Basic energy processes that allow a cell to maintain its…
-bio-energetic potential is oxidative phosphorylation
(enzymes oxidize nutrients, then produce ATP)
-mitochondria makes about 80-90% of ATP
(energy currency in the cell)

As cells are exposed to a number of different agents…
-hypoxia (lack of oxygen)
-insulin resistance
CAUSE mitochondria DNA damage

Cell’s nucleus have very robust DNA repair mechanisms…
-mitochondria DO NOT
-so, mitochondria, when subjected to
damaging agents take a big hit
-as mitochondria function is impaired
by progressive damage…
-by these agents, INCLUDING VIRUSES
-cellular ATP levels go down
-nucleus senses the cell is in an
energetic crisis

When mitochondria are damaged by these various agents…
~mitochondrial syndrome
(metabolic syndrome)

Normal cell, when activated by these agents…
-becomes a tumor cell
-Warburg Effect kicks in
-drives tumor to become expanding biomass
-into large, solid tumor
-starting invasiveness &
-get into circulation &


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