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DOM D’AGNOSTINO 2 | Ketones 101…bypass GLUT receptors, enter brain for healing
presents episode 356 | Dr Dom D’Agnostino
of CrossFit conference presentation

Pharmaceutical companies want to reverse engineer…
-the keto diet to develop a drug

Liver is production center for ketones…
-when insulin signaling suppressed (low carb intake):
~ketones are made
-fatty acids are converted into the fuels:
~acetoacetate &

Liver makes ketones, but does NOT use them for energy
-most cancer cells also CANNOT use ketones for energy

In the case of GLUT-1 or GLUT-3 deficiency, or in
-Alzheimer’s disease
-traumatic brain injury
-ketones bypass these regulatory steps and enter the brain
-and bypasses pyruvate dehydrogenase complex (PDC)
(converts pyruvate into acetyl-CoA, used by Krebs cycle)
~so PDC Syndrome is treated by keto diet

Alzheimer’s disease is glucose hypometabolism
(less uptake of glucose into the liver)
-cerebral blood flow increases 30% during
acute hyperketonemia
(low cerebral ketone uptake)


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