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DOM D’AGNOSTINO 1 | Ketones 101…the good, the bad & the fantastic & unbelievable!
presents episode 354 | Dr Dom D’Agnostino
of CrossFit conference presentation

Dr Dom D’Agnostino:
-now publications re type 1 diabetrics
& keto diets by
Dr David S Ludwig, Harvard:
-carb-restricted diets
may be optimal
for type 1 diabetes

Ketones are also a signaling molecule…
-function almost like a hormone
-inhibit histone acetylase
-suppress inflammatory pathways

If not on a low carb diet, if you
stopped eating now…
-takes 24 hours for blood ketones
to get into ketosis

If on a low carb diet,
-would get into ketosis
-urine ketone level:
15 mg/dL = .5 mmol/L

Without insulin…
-can have runaway ketogenesis
-so, in the presence of
high glucose…
-high ketones can
be very detrimental to
-MUST manage

The more you do the
keto diet, the more…
-you adapt
-the easier it gets
-the more benefits
you derive from it

Many studies underway now looking at…
-exogenous ketones as supplements


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