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DINICOLANTONIO 6 | INOSITOL supplementation: 90% of patients went from 30 min to 150 min DEEP SLEEP
presents episode 500 | Dr James DiNicolantonio
High Intensity Health podcast

You lose a lot of other electrolytes through
sweat, besides sodium chloride (salt)…
Per liter of lost fluid, also lose:
-iodine (50-100 micrograms)
-selenium (40 micrograms)
-copper (.4 milligrams)
-some chromium
Some minerals have very low bioavailability, therefore,
-you need to actually consume 100 TIMES what you lost!
-chromium is one of these: only has bioavailability of 1%
Example: if you lose 7 micrograms (typically in one hour),
-you need to consume 700 micrograms to regain the amount

Heat acclimation is great…
“If I do this a LOT, how much
mineral am I actually wasting?”
-just have to make sure you are
getting them all back

Infrared sunlight more prevalent in early
morning and late evening hours…
-UV more so in mid day
Simplest way to reset circadian rhythm &
get good sleep:
-get sunlight early in day
-turn off lights at night
Match your light patterns to how our body has evolved
Simply get outside for 10 minutes of early sunlight, and…
-turn out ALL lights when it gets dark
“Our neighbors make fun of us since our lights are out by 6pm”
(Can keep on lights that are low hanging)

When you do this, the release of melatonin…
-will happen much sooner and
-it will be much greater
Red light therapy (or infrared light panel)?
-If you use it around sunset, that might help
you sleep better
-but difficult to try to mimic infrared sunlight itself
-better to get outside at sunset

Based on my research and publications…
-a compound called: inositol
(also known as myoinositol)
-we make it from glucose,
but don’t do it very well anymore
-numerous factors why…
-one is that we need magnesium
-also, it is depleted through coffee & caffeine
“A lot of us are deficient in it”

Taking inositol, 1 to 2 g twice a day…
-9 out of 10 patients I have put on it:
“Their REM deep sleep goes from 30 minutes
to 2 hours and 30 minutes”
-stay asleep
-deepest sleep they have ever had
Inositol allows neurotransmitters to be released in the brain…
-like serotonin (eventually turns into melatonin)
“If you are deficient in inositol, and you take supplements,
it can triple or quadruple your deep sleep!”

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