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DINICOLANTONIO 4 | 90 minutes before competition: high salt solution, will PEAK YOUR BLOOD VOLUME
presents episode 497 | Dr James DiNicolantonio
High Intensity Health podcast

The main reason for drop in performance
in vigorous exercise is the ‘relative drop
in blood volume’ that occurs within just
5 minutes!
-it typically drops 8 to 10% feeding the heart
-because it has to flow to skeletal muscle
-blood volume must flow to skin to dissipate heat
So, competition between blood flowing to heart &
-to skeletal muscle & skin: so huge DROP IN BLOOD VOLUME

Drink salt solutions BEFORE competition,
(or extremely heavy workout)
to boost blood volume 8 to 10%
-will prevent that drop
-will have larger blood volume to
~cool yourself off
(water pulled from blood to create our sweat!)
-better cardiac output to eliminate waste & deliver nutrients
-decrease myocardial oxygen demand on heart &
-the perception of fatigue (prevents ischemic feeling in chest)
(ischemic: restriction of blood supply)

1940’s experiments: if don’t get enough salt,
-can lead to fluid retention and
-edema (excess fluid in tissues)
Salt puts fluid where it should go
-if low on electrolytes or
~sodium (prime controller of water movement)
~water cannot go where it needs to go, it pools, leading to edema
“Huge myth, that high amounts of salt causes swelling.
It is typically low amounts of salt that does it”

Getting the timing and concentration right…
-is important
Goal: get an 8-10% boost in blood volume
Athlete’s blood volume is 40% higher
-than normal
-adult man has 5 liters of blood volume
-adult woman has 4 liters
Elite athlete will have 40% more
-highly elite rowers will have almost twice normal (say, 9l)
“The main adaptation to exercise is an increase in blood volume.
It gives you the greatest net return on investment”

Need to figure out the salt solution that will
actually lead to an increase in blood volume
-need solution that is as salty as sweat, or
~even more so
That would be 3000 to 4300mg sodium in
26 oz to full liter of fluid respectively
-start slowly consuming the salt solution
~90 minutes before competition
~consume it over about 30 minutes…
Then it will peak at time of competition (or extreme workout)

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