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DINICOLANTONIO 3 | VIGOROUS EXERCISE PERFORMANCE increases10 – 20 times with proper sodium hydration
presents episode 496 | Dr James DiNicolantonio
High Intensity Health podcast

Hydration in relation to workouts?
Most people think hydration is drinking
plain water…
-but, that can make things WORSE
water dilutes blood sodium levels,
your body wants to excrete it…
lowers blood volume!
This raises susceptibility to cramps and spasms
(dilutes electrolytes)
“It is actually one of the worst things to do…
drinking plain water prior to work out performance”

When doing vigorous exercise
(64% + VO2 max)
-fluids emptying from stomach into intestine
goes down
Example: drinking 5 oz of water every 15 min
EXCEEDS your stomach’s ability to empty…
-leading to bloating and cramping
-decreases vigorous exercise performance by 2.5%
Marathon running…when over consuming plain water
can lead to death (hyponatremia–plummeting blood sodium)

Basic ways to hydrate…
Dehydration-acclimation (for improved
performance in near future)
-introduce mild dehydration multiple times
over 2 weeks: your body becomes
acclimated to that;
~so increases baseline blood volume
-improves performance later on
-then re-hydrate with salt water solution (as salty as sweat)
1200mg sodium per liter of fluid as starting point
-can get skin patches to measure sweat salt levels
(in very hot conditions, can lose 2300mg sodium per lost fluid liter

Then, prior to competition or if low energy…
-higher salt solution to boost blood volume
-boost performance 10 to 20 times better
than any type of performance-enhancing
supplement, like
~beta-alanine; beet root juice
“The right salt solution will allow you to vigorously exercise
10 to 20 times longer than any pre-workout supplement”

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