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DINICOLANTONIO 2 | You would NOT RESTRICT WATER to lower blood pressure…so shy restrict salt?
presents episode 494 | Dr James DiNicolantonio
High Intensity Health podcast

The white crystal that, in harmful way…
-chronically raises blood pressure
-damages kidney
-increases risk of diabetes, is…
Excess sugar raises glucose levels, which
-pulls water into blood vessels and chronically elevate blood pressure
This does not happen with sodium…your body adjusts quickly
It is sugar that leads to retention of salt via increased insulin
Simply cut out sugar, insulin levels would drop,
then YOU WOULD NOT retain salt

Prior to refrigeration we used salt…
-to preserve food
-Romans ate 25g salt a year
-Scandinavians ate 100g salt a year
-Now, we consume 10g salt
So, during a decrease in salt, we’ve had:
-increase in heart disease, all cause mortality, etc.
-due to increased consumption of carbs and sugar

Salt is an essential mineral…
-if don’t get enough: MUCH MORE HARMFUL
-than getting too much
(kidneys maintain a salt balance)
Trust yourself, have taste receptors…
-drive us to consume salt
How do animals know inherently to go to salt lick?
Like water…wouldn’t restrict water to lower blood pressure
Your body knows how much salt is needed!

Eating whole, nutritious foods are low in salt…
-so, must add salt back in
-easy to use something like
Redmond Real Salt, and perhaps
electrolyte powders
-especially prior to performance in gym
“I put powder in water to boost blood volume”

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