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DietDoctor5: Daily sunshine walk—30 minutes is best DEPRESSION PREVENTION & CURE
presents episode 251:
Dr Satchin Panda
Dr Bret Scher

Should be in bed every night for 8 hours…
-means 7 to 7.5 hours sleep
-good for brain & metabolic health
-live longer (20 years of worldwide research)
-after waking up, our hormones change:
~night hormones (melatonin)
going down
~day hormones going up

For 2 hours after waking…
-bad time to eat:
~organs adjusting to different hormonal conditions
-Example: waking at 6; wait to eat till 8
-last meal: at least 2 hours before sleep
~body is trying digest food, so
~a lot of blood rushes to core
~not good condition for deep sleep

Dim lights…
-so natural melatonin hormone goes up
-day hormones going down

Daytime: to boost hormones…
-30 minute walk in sunshine
-great exercise
-bright light boost to mood

Top scientific discovery: blue light receptor in retina
-senses blue light
-resets our circadian clock
-connects to brain area that makes us more alert
-reduces depression

“Should have daylight, richest source
of blue light, to uplift our mood,
reduce depression”

-night time:
~reduce blue light
(many electronics had ‘night shift’ feature)
~so, block blue light
~boost orange, or dim, light

“No bright, blue LED lights in evening,
use older, dim lights”

-I don’t wear the blue-blocking glasses myself
~still producing enough melatonin now

“As we age, our melatonin level drops…
a 60 year old makes 10% or less
of melatonin:
than a 6 year old”