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DietDoctor4: SWEET SPOT eating window: 10 hours: low blood pressure; reverse diabetes2; sustainable
presents episode 250:
Dr Satchin Panda
Dr Bret Scher

Most of us, when fasting, push it to an extreme…
-may reduce calorie or protein intake
-in all of our mice studies, make sure both groups
get same nutrients, same calories
-NOT reducing calories
-NOT reducing protein
-in humans, when fasting,
often reduce food intake!

Other well-controlled studies, resistance-training athletes…
-time-restricted eating:
-muscle mass remains constant &
-fat mass reduces
-these athletes very mindful of
their nutrient intake
-when doing time-restricted eating:
-did not change nutrition quality:
~still reduced fat mass
~preserved muscle mass

Many feel that fasting is a painful experience…
-will reduce nutrition intake
-so, we created My Circadian Clock app
-users self-monitor for few weeks…
-IF users eating for 16 hours:
~can reduce by 4 hours
~great starting point!

Let’s say you are now above 14 hours eating window…
-try to get to 12 hours for a couple of weeks
-then, go for 10 hours
-IF you can get to 10 hours for 5 days:
~body will train itself!
-at weekend, if eat outside of 10…
~will feel a “hangover effect”
~stomach will punish you
~you’ll come back to 10

If we start eating around 9 or 10am…
-last meal around 5 or 6pm
-very doable for most people;
~can still have one meal with loved ones
-if 8 or 6 hour window, can
~put stress on social connections

If you can do 10 hours, 5 to 6 days a week…
-good enough!
-many people reduce high blood pressure,
~as if taking medication
-if mild hyperglycemia, prediabetes,
type 2 diabetes:
~much better glucose control:
~as if taking Metformin

If you can do 10 hours, 5 to 6 days a week…
-for those with pre-existing conditions
-will see the best health benefit
-can easily sustain this way of eating for up to a year
-this is good “sweet spot”
-if, 3 months in, fall off the wagon,
~you can always go back

“One item in your health menu
you can always practice”