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DietDoctor2: people love the results of 10-hour eating window:better sleep & energy: less pain
presents episode 248:
Dr Satchin Panda
Dr Bret Scher

A lot of criticism of our work by clinicians and nutritionists…
-“humans don’t eat like mice!!”

Nutrition scientists never, ever longitudinally looked at:
-when people eat over several days
-differently weekdays & weekends
-simply asked:

What did you eat in the past 24 hours?

We started a simple app: My Circadian Clock
Study: 150 People, San Diego non-shift workers
-take picture of what you eat & send
-no portion size, not what you’ve eaten…
-3 weeks, to cover weekdays & weekends

-50% adults ate for 15 hours+
-example: 6am to 9pm
-2 to 3 times a week

Flying from East to West Coast, brain circadian rhythm
-gets messed up
-similarly, even 1 or 2 nights late eating:
~messes up our circadian rhythm

“Ah ha! Half of humans eat like mice!”

-only 10% eat less than 12 hours

If eating for 12 hours, 6am to 6pm…
-after last bite at 6pm, digestion takes at least 5 hours
-takes until 11pm or midnight to digest,
~that is when stomach begins to rest
-if start again at 6am, stomach only gets 6-7 hours sleep

Asked people, who were eating 14 hours or longer…
-don’t pay attention to what or how much you eat,
-simply eat within 10 hours
(we expected them to cheat once or twice a week…)
-they could easily keep to this schedule

-could come up with new regimen for 10,000 steps/day:
-but, who can do that daily over time?

-whatever we find that works,
~can people practice it?

Results after 18 weeks:
-lost modest amount of weight
(they were not obese patients)
-after 1 year: they were still keeping to 10 hour window
-Why did they love it?
~sleeping much better
~feeling energetic in morning
~stomach issues were gone
~joints less painful