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DietDoctor1: Our organs MUST reset & repair from digestion EVERY NIGHT: time-restricted eating
presents episode 247:
Dr Satchin Panda
Dr Bret Scher

Over past 25 years, 1 big discovery in circadian rythym…
-just like our brain;
-nearly every organ in our body has a clock

“Every organ needs a good
down-time to:

We are programmed to eat…
-for just a few hours while awake
-then, all of our organs need down-time to:
~repair, recover, rejuvenate from
~stress of digesting &
~assimilating all our food

Experiment: eat same calories, but during different times…
-2 groups of mice, same exact diet
~group1: 1 eat any time
~group 2: eat during daytime only
After 18 weeks:
-group 1: many chronic diseases
-group 2: disease free

“Mind-blowing! In entire history of nutrition science,
had never checked on time-restricted eating effectiveness”

“Give mice enough time for their organs to recover”

Our stomach produces a huge amount of digestive juices…
-7 to 10% of gut lining gets destroyed during
~digestion & nutrition assimilation process

-that lining has to be
repaired every night

We eat a lot of stuff our body does not need…
-example: flavorings, spices, colorings
-even green vegetables & tomatoes…

-some damage our cells

When we break down nutrients, we also produce toxins
-also, eat bacteria & fungi
~some good, some bad

Everyday there is some stress
-from digesting & assimilating

“Our body needs to detoxify:
-our organs repair & reset”