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DAVID PERLMUTTER 1 | GOUT: quercetin & luteolin NEARLY as effective as drugs
presents episode 753 | Dr David Perlmutter
Modern Healthspan podcast

Dr David Perlmutter: tart cherries
have been used for gout for many
[book: Drop Acid] Xanthine oxidase [enzyme that makes
uric acid] Prescription drugs that aim to lower
uric acid attack xanthine oxidase
Natural supplements also work:
-quercetin & luteolin

Quercetin 500 mg a day
[over the counter] Vitamin C 500 mg a day
[helps eliminate uric acid through
urination] Luteolin 100 mg a day
“On front end, reduce fructose and
purines; on back end, take these
supplements; you should be able
to manage your uric acid levels”

High purine foods:
-liver & kidney
-shell fish, sardines
[if uric acid is below 5.5, no problem] “Biggest issues:
-hard liquor: raises uric acid
-red wine: no problem for women
-beer: dramatically associated with
higher uric acid


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