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DARREN SCHMIDT 3 | WHAT THE HELL DO YOU HAVE TO LOSE! MDs must protect their license Karen’s story
presents episode 518 | Dr Darren Schmidt
National Healing Center podcast

Oncologist kept saying, in response to
what Karen was doing:
“Not Standard of Care”
-okay for him to prescribe meds that
would not save you
-he would not even consider fasting
before chemotherapy
“I asked him if he was aware that cancer is a metabolic disease?”
“Have you heard of Dr Thomas Seyfried?”
-Think I have heard the name

All doctors, all medical students, in 1932,
-had these types of discussions
-by 1961, it was all gone
-1970s & 1980s were horrible for
health care
-late 90s people began to talk about
ketosis more
-big pharma has played critical role
in destroying the knowledge that
was available and in use prior to World War II

When people get cancer diagnosis, get
-scans & blood tests…
Then reverse it with ketosis:
“Patients tell me: I return to doctor:
-scans are better or perfect
-doctor says: original diagnosis was wrong
Karen: My long time MD, after 1 year of
working with my alternative doctor, I asked:
Am I supposed to be dead? -Yes
I tried to tell her what I was doing (that was keeping me alive!)
-her concern was that you were taking advantage of a sick woman
-next year: doctor: “My patients wouldn’t do this anyway”

It is easier for doctor to not know…
-because of their license
-CANNOT say:
~get into ketosis, take calcium…
-get in trouble with medical board
-other doctors make fun of her
She has to stay totally in line!
I had to go all the way from Iowa to Michigan because
naturopathy medicine is illegal in Iowa


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