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DARREN SCHMIDT 3 | ASCITES: 1st sign of cancer: pumped 5 liters of fluid from abdomen. Karen’s story
presents episode 519 | Dr Darren Schmidt
National Healing Center podcast

Other therapies you used?
-Therasage sauna every day
(far infrared sauna)
-in the beginning I saw signs that I was
getting things out of my body…
-when I stepped out, I would leave colors
on the towels
-when I was especially sick it helped with the detox
-helpful to have something I could do & control myself
-in 2017 I had taken care of my teeth…
-used Dr Hal Huggins protocol (alternative to using amalgam fillings)
-removed root canals and cavitations cleaned out, all mercury out

Other therapies you used?
-Follow up with vitamin C IVs
-hyperbaric oxygen
“from my research, these things are
part of what has saved me”
At that time, I was mostly worried about
arthritis…was getting it in my hand
-both my MD and chiropractor said: you are just getting old
“But, what I had read said: No, that is inflammation!”
-so, get rid of grains and sugars
-I did so and it helped remove the pain in my hand

Other therapies you used?
-also do Rife Therapy
(electromagnetic rays targeting
cancer cells & other problems)
-this enabled me to sleep through night
-I still use it to help with
~bacteria; Lyme disease; parasites
Ascites (fluid retention in gut)
“I had bloating. I looked pregnant”
-first sign that I had cancer returning
-fluid was pumped out: 5 liters the first time!
Oncologist said: you will not stop this without surgery

Ascites: most often due to liver
-imbalance in albumin (most common
protein found in blood plasma)
-if have too much or too little protein
collected in parts of body, it can
disperse water
-conventional medicine: hyper focus on:
micro-things: You have an albumin problem, now what?
Solution: fix the organs! How?
-fix the cells. How?
-fix the mitochondria
-that is where your raw eggs; ketosis; fasting, etc. come in


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