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DARREN SCHMIDT 2 | ONCOLOGIST did not say it was stage 4; said it was palliative! Karen’s story
presents episode 515 | Dr Darren Schmidt
National Healing Center podcast

First thing Dr Childress worked on was…
“I had vinyl chloride in my kidneys and
she had to take card of that first”
Dr Schmidt:
We don’t cure cancer here.
We restore function of the body.
1-detox, get rid of bad stuff
2-put in good things
Karen: Dr Childress said I had parasites…
“I did research and learned that most of us do have parasites.
I am taking supplements, getting tested, and am making progress
on these and on my Lyme Disease”

Using muscle testing to check progress…
-and direct which supplements needed
Karen: with blood testing, at one time…
-I was at 711 total cholesterol
Dr Schmidt: probably the liver dysfunction
August 2021, got a CT scan,
-kept digging to get clear on results
-was finally told, ‘Yes, you are cancer free’
-it starts the 5 yr clock toward being listed as ‘cancer free’
Question: how long did it take for your cancer
to be totally gone?
-about a year and a half

Did you do anything conventionally?
“No. When I went to the oncologist,
-shortly after my first visit to functional
medicine doctor, Dr Amanda,
the oncologist said:
“You need surgery before you get
too weak to do it”
-and wanted to do 2 types of chemotherapy
“He did not tell me I was at stage 4.
Said my cancer was palliative (care for terminally ill patient)

Asked oncologist:
“Will any of this surgery and chemo
save my life?”
His reply: No.
-it will make you more comfortable…
while you die
Dr Schmidt: “Picture oncologist perspective:
-use drugs, chemo, surgery, radiation and the results are horrible!
-it is a horrible life to be the doctor that can only give drugs”
-picture any oncologist saying to patient: pick a raw animal food…
-okay: eggs. start drinking 12 raw eggs a day
“He would not even discuss ketosis”


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