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presents episode 514 | Dr Darren Schmidt
National Healing Center podcast

Karen: you came to our office 3 years ago,
-stage 4 endometrial cancer
-with metastasis and cachexia
(death cycle; eat a lot, still lose weight)
-now, today, cancer is gone
-when you first became a patient,
your doctor: Amanda, asked me,
“What do I do?”
In early 1900’s, doctors famous for saving lives
-would give patient raw animal foods, for example:
-Dr Mayo (Mayo Clinic) would give raw milk
-Dr Weston Price would give raw ‘June’ butter + cod liver oil

“My doctor: ‘eat 24 raw eggs every 3 days
-at least 12 raw eggs other days’
-ultimately, 16 eggs 2 days; 24 on 3rd day
-can mix in other ingredients, but must
keep carbs below 5g a day”
My concoction:
-MCT oil; coconut cream, lemon juice,
vanilla, water, ice, nutmeg
-it is kind of an eggnog…I still take this everyday
Now I eat 6 raw and 6 cooked eggs a day
At peak: 8 raw eggs 3 times a day on 3rd day,
-other days: 2 times a day…and as much beef as I could eat

This make sense!
-if you understand the cellular role of
mitochondria and the nutrients they need
Ketosis vs cachexia (lactic acidosis)
“To reverse the scariest diagnosis
anyone could ever have”


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