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CYNTHIA MONTELEONE | Cardio for fat loss? WASTE OF TIME. SPRINTS will do it
presents episode 742 | Cynthia Monteleone
High Intensity Health podcast

Mentor: Charles Poliquin, said:
“Wasting time on hours of cardio…
If you want
-fat loss &
-hormone balance”

Sprint, not cardio
-brain increases BDNF…
-helps burn fat LONG AFTER RUNNING

BDNF [brain-derived neurotrophic factor]

Neuropeptide that is critical for axonal growth,
neuronal survival, and synaptic plasticity

Scientists have found this to be the MOST
OUTSTANDING neurotrophic factor of all

Spend 20 to 30 minutes TOTAL
instead of an hour or more…

during workout, don’t ‘check out’
focus on your building your body

Long, slow distances can cause lot of injuries

Carbs are NOT THE BEST nutrition for running…
-latest science
-our experience

Carbs brings lots of pain!…
-inflammation is the challenge
-bacteria will escape and settle in inflamed tissue

So, clean up diet first

then: sprinting keeps you from over-using joints
-on sand or grass is easier on joints, and
-more resistance so less time required

Best to start: strength training
-body weight
-resistance weights

Also, walking up hill forces dorsi-flex toes


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