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CHRIS PALMER 6 | 2 years keto or carnivore: MITOCHONDRIAL RESET! cells stronger; mental illness GONE
presents episode 624 | Dr Chris Palmer
Sarah Kleiner Wellness podcast

Question: Once on an ultra-low carb diet, do
you have to remain on it forever?
-epilepsy experience:
~keto to resolve seizures
~need not be a lifelong diet
~2-5 years, then transition off: see how you do
~50% are able to transition off diet and maintain benefits

Two things happen due to ketogenic diet:
[selective degradation of mitochondria] 2-mitochondrial biogenesis
[cells produce more mitochondria] If do keto or carnivore for 2 years…
-most cells will have more mitochondria than before
-those mitochondria will be healthier
“That is the critical element in improving health”
-mitochondrial RESET
-cells can handle carbs sometimes
“If eat tons of junk & stressed; probably slip back into depression”

I have met some people who are not able to
stop the low carb diet…
-whenever they try to stop, their symptoms
come back
-they may need to be keto or carnivore for life


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