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CHRIS PALMER 4 | KETO restores energy to ALCOHOLICS’ deprived brain cells…helps recovery
presents episode 622 | Dr Chris Palmer
Sarah Kleiner Wellness podcast

I have published case reports in the medical
-examples of evidence-based treatments
-ketogenic diet is evidence-based treatment
for epilepsy
~it stops seizures even when meds fail
-decades of neuroscience research on exactly how and why
this approach works to stop seizures
“We use epilepsy treatments in psychiatry all the time in
tens of millions of people…
-many, many medications…
Are all anti-seizure treatments”

Studies from Nora Volkow, director of the
National Institute of Drug Abuse…
-alcoholism research for decades has found
~certain regions of the brain have been
metabolically compromised
[insulin resistant] “When alcoholic drinks alcohol, turns into acetate
which serves as FUEL SOURCE for those exact brain cells”
-helps them feel better
-their brain starts firing on all cylinders!!

Studies from Nora Volkow, director of the
National Institute of Drug Abuse…
-Continued research on animals on:
“What other fuel source can replace alcohol?
They turned to the ketogenic diet”
Will ketones be adequate fuel source for
these struggling brain cells?

STUDY: group with alcoholism:
Half: standard American diet
Half: ketogenic diet
-keto group needed less benzo’s for detox
-had fewer withdrawal symptoms &
-fewer cravings
-brain scans showed deprived zones now performed better
-brain inflammation decreased with keto


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