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CHRIS PALMER 3 | BRAIN & MITOCHONDRIA use ketones for fuel…MOTIVATION, CONFIDENCE for broken brains
presents episode 621 | Dr Chris Palmer
Sarah Kleiner Wellness podcast

Sarah Kleiner:
Mental illness is a metabolic problem, including
mitochondria malfunction:
-on carnivore diet our mitochondria make
4 times more ATP
Dr Palmer
“Not everyone needs to follow a ketogenic diet…
-if pregnant, may not want to me
-trying to grow another human being, who is
-sucking resources from you, energy, carbs
-you need to provide all of those nutrients”

Flor those having mental or neurological
-bi-polar or schizophrenia
Represent your brain malfunctioning
“We know metabolic problems are playing primary role in that”
-mitochondria not producing enough energy
-have trouble using glucose as an energy source
-in ketosis, Liver makes enough glucose [no need to eat it] You provide this alternative fuel [ketones, fatty acids…]

Brain and mitochondria use ketones as
an energy source
[if if they cannot use glucose] “You can take an energy-deprived brain…
-that are not functioning properly
-can get brain running on all cylinders
-will feel good, balanced, healthy
-able to think clearly
-have motivation & confidence & energy
-brains are no longer doing crazy things

Sarah Kleiner: I tried carnivore…
-had IBS [irritable bowel syndrome] -which often goes along with brain issues
“Doctor said, ‘eat more fiber’
-I did the opposite!”
“Ended up working out great for me!
-after 30 days:
~flat stomach
~no more digestive woes
~mental clarity & calmness was like nothing i had
ever gotten from antidepressants or anti-anxiety meds”


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