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CHRIS PALMER 2 | MENTAL ILLNESS is METABOLIC DISORDER! use keto & carnivore;Yoga; stress reduction…
presents episode 620 | Dr Chris Palmer
Sarah Kleiner Wellness podcast

Right now, the mental illness and neuroscience
fields do not know the cause of mental illness…
-only know risk factors, like:
~hormones, stress, trauma
They say: “These are brain things…nothing to do with diet”

If you want to know how all those factors
fit together…
-neurotransmitter imbalances
-hormone changes
-genetics & epigenetics
-drug & alcohol use
How to make sense of all of this?
“Have to go to metabolism”

Mental disorders are actually
metabolic disorders of the brain…
-brain is malfunctioning
-or fail to work in right ways
“To understand what would cause the brain
to malfunction in these ways, I argue:
From decades of research…
Must understand metabolism &
Must understand mitochondria
THEN you can understand ALL THE CONNECTIONS
AND new treatments become obvious!
-keto & carnivore & yoga & stress reduction


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