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Cate Shanahn & Shawn Baker SEED OILS DAMAGE YOUR PROTECTIVE LDL & your triglyceride to HDL ratio!
presents episode 225:

Dr Cate Shanahan
Dr Shawn Baker

Revero (MeatRX) podcast
October 20, 2020

LDL feeds the immune system more directly…
-than other lipoproteins

If you don’t have high LDL & trying to fight off infection:
-you can’t make white blood cells

Study in Wuhan 2021:
~those with lowest LDL did not mount
a good immune response; died

Seed oils lower your LDL by…
-poisoning the whole lipid cycle (how fats circulate)
~cited in Deep Nutrition & The Fatburn Fix books

Think about it:
-why would nature make:
-LDL bad & HDL good?

LDL is there for a reason…
-just like we need cholesterol

LDL has role in distribution of fats & fat soluble nutrients…
-getting cholesterol into cells that need it
-cholesterol necessary for cell division
-most active area of body during infection:
~bone marrow
~white blood cells
~lymph nodes

Bone marrow makes millions of white blood cells per second:
-cholesterol is a limiting factor
-cell uses to decide whether to divide

You need cholesterol for reproduction
-estrogen & testosterone based on
cholesterol molecules

It is what is in your lipid protein particles that :
-makes the difference in whether
~high triglycerides or
~high cholesterol will cause a stroke

“You likely won’t have high triglycerides
unless you have insulin resistance,
which comes from too many seed oils”

When people become fat-adapted & produce more ketones…
-their LDL & total cholesterol will go up
-because burning more body fat
-consequence of that metabolic change
-a good thing

What is bad?
-high triglyceride to HDL ratio

Reverses when you get seed oils out

You don’t necessary need to get rid of
all fructose…

But, the two (seed oils & fructose)
together damage your liver…

So many animal studies that show…
-even without high carb diet
-can give animals
~insulin resistance
~prediabetes & diabetes
~by altering the fatty acid composition
the animal is eating