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Cate Shanahan & Shawn Baker: SEED OILS DESTROY BODY FAT FUNCTIONING…They are not “healthy”
presents episode 221:

Dr Cate Shanahan
on Revero (MeatRX) podcast
Dr Shawn Baker
October 20, 2020

Everyone agrees that junk food is unhealthy…Why is it?

-it is the “Hateful 8” seed oils
-canola; corn; cottonseed; soy; sunflower; safflower;
grapeseed; ricebran

With sugar: “at least our body has the technology…”
-if overconsume it, we build body fat
-it functions the way body fat should

When we have seed oils in our diet…

-our body fat is damaged! (see: The Fatburn Fix)
-seed oils are stored in our body fat
-over years, concentration builds to abnormally high

“These are polyunsaturated fatty acids
(PUFAs), supposedly healthy…NOT”

-seed oils are super pro-inflammatory due to high PUFAs
-PUFAs are extremely unstable
-produce chemical chaos
-results in inflammation in our body

“When we have 10-20% PUFAs in
our body fat…it no longer functions!”

Body fat is there to give you energy…

-communicates with your brain:
“We have so much energy!!”

-body fat failure, due to seed oils:
~cause of vast majority
of serious, chronic diseases