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presents episode 224:

Dr Cate Shanahan
Dr Shawn Baker

Revero (MeatRX) podcast
October 20, 2020

From the epilogue of her first book: Deep Nutrition:

“The medical profession wants people to be sick…”

On Bill Maher as the only doctor he has had on in years:
-talking about

I was saying:

-seed oils are bad
-are everywhere
-don’t know we are eating them
-it is an experiment you are in…

“You can get out of it, but you have to know what you are doing”

3 weeks after that, Bill Maher had a doctor on…

What does he say about diet?

-more fruits & vegetables…and
-more vegetable oils!

“80% is not enough!!”

I cannot believe that this guy…

-does not know what he is doing:
~this is what he does
~he knows we have been eating more of these things
~he says: “more fruits & vegetables”
~and “less saturated fat”

You have to open your eyes to how much money…

-is being made from all of this
-how engrained we all are on this message

“We have to be on our toes!”

You have to be responsible for yourself…

-can’t count on your doctor to give you nutrition advice
-can’t count on your medical school either

Dr Baker: everything is contextual…

-if I exercise real hard, my blood glucose will go up
-when I exercise my inflammation goes up

Is that bad?

We have a very delicate balance between;
-oxidant & antioxident system

We have robust indogenous antioxident…

But we continue to supplement with
antioxidants & continue our crappy diet

Most seed oils are tied to processed foods; most are:
-refined grain
-soybean oil

There are some who “health conscious” eating salad; putting:
-low fat dressing
-regular dressing
~nearly are always soybean or canola oils…

Dr Baker: everything is contextual…

Those eating donuts & chips are worse off because,
-not only eating seed oils, but also
-processed garbage devoid of any nutrition
not so bad: salad with seed oils

Dr Baker: everything is contextual…

Americans eat more calories from seed oil than beef!

You have public health officials saying: seed oils, seed oils…

for low LDL: that is the whole argument

That is the “genius” of Ansell Keyes: the idea that…

-saturated fat raises LDL &
-that is bad

I don’t believe that any more…
I used to;
that is what we learned

We need to have plenty of LDL