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CAREFUL…HbA1c may give false positive in metabolically healthy people
presents episode 296: Ben Bikman
with Judy Cho, Nutrition with Judy

In some people, who adopt a zero-carb diet…
-if hemoglobin A1C rises: could be a factor that
-is often overlooked, even in clinical setting:
~might be the glucose…but don’t forget the other factor:
~hemoglobin (red blood cell iron-containing oxygen-transport)
-the more nourished (especially with beef) one is:
~the longer the red blood cells live
~up to 50% longer than in nutrient-deficient diets

The longer a red blood cell is alive…
-the more likely it is to have a glucose molecule bind to it
-so, those well-nourished people with long living red blood cells
~may be getting a false positive HbA1c result
-example: if in the mid 5s…
“Oh, looks like you are getting pre-diabetic”
-in reality, if glucose is in 80s or low 90s,
~those are very good levels
~they have long-lived red blood cells

In contrast, if someone has elevated glucose…
-and normal HbA1c:
-it could be due to short-lived red blood cells!
-they die so soon that they don’t have glucose molecules
-this would be a false negative
-they are not okay, it is that the HbA1c doesn’t detect it
~it is a problem with weak red blood cells


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