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CarbAddictionDoc 5: DO THE EXPERIMENT FOR YOURSELF…try an elimination diet for 90 days
presents episode 216: Dr Rob Cywes
Youtube channel
July 27, 2021

“I am fortunate. I don’t have these as a clinical problem.
-if I eat bread, grains, vegetables, fruit..
-I don’t have gastric inflammation”

-it does give me some upset;
-some gas bloat

it is tolerable. Others are not”

It affects different people variably…

If I have been on a carnivore diet for a long time, and
-i eat a salad or some vegetables:
-for 3 or 4 days it disrupts my system

You should: Do the experiment!

You wont know how bad the GI inflammatory space is…
-until you get rid of these sugars for awhile

Go carnivore for 90 days
-check your own GI issues
-no need for blood tests

You will be amazed how much:
-better your reflux gets
-better you sleep
-less your heart palpitates
-your bowel movements improve

That is the inflammation of sugar & sugar-containing products
as they travel through the intestine
-in a place where they no longer belong

I am not an advocate for the carnivore diet…
-it is a good elimination diet to do the experiment

“I chose not to eat the grains,
the starches. I do eat vegetables
from time to time”

For me it is simpler & I like it

You should: Do the experiment!

But some people do need to make that change

The only way to know is
-eliminate the sources of that
inflammation from your GI tract
-for 90 days
-your body can change inside

If you are taking pro-biotics or pre-biotics…
-they are vegetables
-they are fermentation-based

So, if you are eating carnivore, trying
to populate your microbiome…
-why would you drink vegetable-based

Do the experiment and you decide…
either vegetable or animal products are fine on keto diet

You decide which makes your GI inflammation better