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CarbAddictionDoc 4: GASTROINTESTINAL UPSET driven by grains, starchy vegetables & fruits

Dr Rob Cywes
Youtube channel
July 27, 2021

The 3 sources of carbohydrates
(vegetables, fruit, processed foods)

Stomach churns them up…
-gets them into small intestine
-high sugar content affects
~lining cells of small intestine
~types of enzymes that break
those sugars down
~changes intestine ph

Human body biologically:
-no longer a fermenter of food…
-uses enzymes to break food down

So, the more vegetables & fruits eaten
-more fermentation is happening
-bacteria associated this:
~damage the intestine
~particularly the colon

We get…
-colonic inflammation
-ulcerative colitis
-chrone’s disease
-irritable bowel syndrome
-gas bloat syndrome

-possibly: colon cancer

“It’s not ‘Oh, oh, red meat causes colon cancer…’

No, it is the vegetables you ate with the red meat:
that is the cause of colon cancer”

Blaming red meat for colon cancer
is like blaming the match
instead of the cigarette…
for lung cancer

Humans have all the of evolved enzymes…

-to take care of meat
-break down protein & fat

Our enterohepatic circulation of bile:
-handles fat

Lymphatic circulation system:
-breaks down meat very well

Not able to break down:
-majority of sugars in vegetables

Most leafy vegetables…not awful, but

Really awful ones: Grains
-super toxic to human body

Grains can lead to:
-celiac disease
-gluten &
-gliadin allergies
-histamine reaction

Rices, potatoes add to these also

Grains, rice, potatoes…
-cause inflammation in the human intestine
-ramped up inflammatory system damages the intestine.

That same triggering can spill over into the blood stream:
-same immune system that
is now ramped up against gluten
& gliadin…
~cells & antibodies are so similar
to other parts of body
(like insulin & thyroid hormone)
~get cross-reaction

This cross-reaction:
-body attacks itself–thinking it is a foreign body
-called: autoimmune disease

These foreign antibodies; antigens
-come in through our diet

Eating a high carbohydrate diet,
-especially grains, vegetables & fruits
~very toxic to entire intestine

If you have any of these GI upsets
-convert self to being an
enzyme nutritional producer
-a lot of these inflammatory
conditions will subside