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CarbAddictionDoc 2: HEART ATTACKS, STROKES, FATTY LIVER…come from sugar inflammation

CarbAddictionDoc Youtube channel
July 27, 2021

Inflammation of the vasculature of the liver…
-most of the sugar is absorbed by the liver &
-turned to fat and stored as glycogen

-spills over into systemic blood supply
~through superior vena cava
~directly to the heart
~from heart to lungs…
~back to heart

Greatest exposure of vascular system to eaten sugar…

Remember, first exposure is portal vein (wide)
-in the liver, turned over very quickly
-then to superior vena cave (wide!)

First vessels to see the highest concentration of sugar:
-coronary arteries

Sugar, at it’s highest concentration:
-in tiny coronary blood arteries
-after tissues have extracted what
they need

When we measure venous blood sugar…
-it is lowest concentration in body

So, if your blood sugar is elevated:
-it is logarithmically higher in
~arteries from the gut
~to your liver, heart, brain

“Now, you understand where your
-heart attacks
-fatty liver…
come from”

Like TPN (intravenous nutrition);
-exactly same is happening with
your dietary sugar!

You can’t exercise that sugar away…
-damage happens as sugar hits blood vessels

Yahoos say “I can burn off that ice cream…”
-maybe the calories, but
-this is not a calorie problem

This is a sugar inflammatory problem!

CAC (coronary artery calcium) &
carotid ultrasound…

-these measure:
inflammation in high sugar vessels

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