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CarbAddictionDoc 1: SUGAR IMMEDIATELY INFLAMES blood vessels & cells lining the liver: Rob Cywes

CarbAddictionDoc Youtube channel
July 27, 2021

Example of common global trigger of inflammation
in humans…

-TPN (Total Parental Nutrition)
-is intravenous feeding post-operation
-created in 1970’s
-at height of carb frenzy:
-usually 25% dextrose!

Use of TPN…
-must go up slowly and down slowly, to prevent:
-hyperglycemia &

-must add insulin! Why?
-temporary diabetes
-have to put in long IV tube almost to the heart
-big blood vessel…

-in a small vessel, would irritate the lining
-form blood clots
-cause inflammation
-small vein will clot-off!
-even at 10% dextrose

Endothelial cells should be flat, inert & smooth

Sugar quickly gets into these cells…
-they round up & bulge into the lumen
-expose parts of the underlying membrane

Sugar quickly gets into these cells…
-start forming blood clots
-clotting factor comes in, platelets form; activated
-attracts lymphocytes (white blood cells for fighting disease)
-clots small blood vessels

-use large blood vessel where
-TPN concentration small

Simple example of vascular…
-inflammation caused by direct infusion of suga

If measure concentration of that sugar in blood:
-only up a few points!
-normal is 85 mg/dL or less

Everyday, where do we recreate a mild TPN function?
-all the starch & sugar we eat…
~apple or ice cream
~brown or white rice
~baked potato or french fries

Sugar gets taken up in the intestines…
-into the portal venous system
-goes to the liver

Causes damage to the liver cells
-sinusoidal endothelium
(lining cells)
-inflammation of the liver

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