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CALLEY MEANS 3 | ADA gets $millions from drug co’s AND credentials doctors treating diabetes!!
presents episode 696 | Calley Means
Meat Mafia podcast

Many in the medical profession
know that things are not working…
-lots of burn out; suicide, depression
“It is so convenient to say ‘Americans
are lazy, eat junk food
-when billions of dollars are subsidizing
sugar and grains for cheap foods
-healthcare only kicks in when sick
-lobbied by big pharma
-guidelines to eat cereal, not beef

People are overweight & diabetic…
-due to rigged, evil system!
“Someone has to ask questions
-should be the medical system
-not a single institution is asking:
‘Why are people getting sick?’
Doctor, graduated from Harvard,
can’t say what is cause of diabetes
-It is the foundation of what makes
us sick!

Pre-diabetes [50% of Americans] -metabolic malfunctioning
“ADA credentials diabetic doctors
AAP credentials pediatricians”
-if doctor goes outside of their
protocols, risk of losing license
-give unimpeachable advice to parents
“On website: 90% funded by pharma”

American Diabetes Association
has accepted millions of dollars from
Coke, Cadbury’s others
“Until 2018, the OFFICIAL GUIDANCE
of the ADA: as long as you take
your INSULIN, eat whatever you want”
[Calories In; Calories Out] -if eating processed foods
-sugar going into mitochondria
-150 times higher than ever
-all these other co-morbidities

American Heart Association is
even worse…
-millions of dollars from processed
food companies


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