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CALLEY MEANS 2 | BIG FOOD ADDICTS innocent people; BIG pharma/healthcare ‘cleans up mess’
presents episode 695 | Calley Means
Meat Mafia podcast

Calley Means:
“The American parent has been
gaslighted to NOT ask questions…
‘trust the science’
‘whacko if self-diagnose’
At same time we are getting sicker
-sperm counts dropping
-PCOS rising

“When the American Academy of
Pediatrics says your obese child
[25% of teenagers are] should get an injection…
There is a license NOW that
people can question the incentives”
Today: one 20 oz Coke has same
sugar that a child would have taken
IN A YEAR, just 100 years ago”

Should not be subsidized in US
nutrition program!
-$10 billion annually spent on sugary
drinks by Food Stamp program
In our free market:
Coke should exist
Pharma should exist
-but it has to be called out
Incentives of $4T healthcare system
-$6T food system
is to grow

The system has convinced everyone
they are doing the right thing
-‘they are helping people’
The problem is the link
-food companies have made
products more addictive
-seed oils are inflammatory
Pharma and healthcare are there to
pick up the mess

There is no incentive to find out:
Why are people getting getting sick?
There is no incentive to fix the
broken systems
But people are waking up
-checking their wearable health
-checking the impact on their


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