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Bret Scher: Diabetes Treatments are failing!

from Diet Doctor News
Youtube, 7July2021

Study: decline of control in type 2 diabetes &
high blood pressure over past 10 years…

NHANES survey, 1999-2018
defined control:
-diabetes: hemoglobin a1c less than 7

(pre diabetes starts with hemoglobin a1c greater than 5.7 &
diabetes starting at 6.4)

NHANES survey, 1999-2018
defined control:
-diabetes: hemoglobin a1c less than 7

“We should not define control at less than 7!”

JACC (Journals of American College of Cardiology) study:
patients had subclinical atherosclerosis (cardiovasular disease)
accumulating all the way down to hemoglobin a1c of 5.5

“so, to say we have control at 7 is misleading!”

Type 2 diabetes patients under control (hemoglobin a1c less than 7)
during period 2007 – 2018 declined from 57.4 to 50.5%

“we declined 7%”

Defining blood pressure under control as less than: 140/90…

“this is not the ideal blood pressure.
it should be 120/80”

Patients with blood pressure under control…
declined 2011 – 2018 from 74.2% to 70.4%

The decline in both type 2 diabetes & blood pressure results:

happened during at time of:
-new drugs for type 2 diabetes
-new, aggressive guidelines for treating blood pressure

What we need is:
-focus on overall lifestyle interventions
-new structure in how we can intervene & help patients

What we need is the right lifestyle message…
“eat less; move more; good luck…doesn’t work!”

Need lifestyle guidance that addresses hunger &
is enjoyable & palatable & sustainable

I am personally a fan of low carb – high protein nutrition…

By reducing carbs & increasing protein:

studies show:
-appetite decreases & satiety increases
-improves metabolic health & body composition