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BRET SCHER | CLASSIC: High animal-protein diet DECREASED GOUT Due to: improved insulin resistance
presents episode 604 | Dr Bret Scher podcast

Dr Bret Scher,
-taught in med school:
‘to avoid gout, do not eat animal protein’
-Now that is not so much a fact
-studies that showed that were also high
carb diets
-Now: believed that gout is associated with insulin resistance

Study: 3 groups, 2 years,
255 people randomized:
1-calorie-restricted Low Fat diet
2-calorie-restricted Mediterranean diet
3-Low Carb diet [no calorie restriction] [20g carbs for 2 months; then 120g] Results:
Uric acid levels dropped in all groups
[there was a higher intake of protein in the Low Carb group] Conclusion: maybe not the protein,
but perhaps uric acid lowered by:
-weight loss
-metabolic benefits

All 3 groups:
-lost weight
-improved total cholesterol to HDL ratio
-improved triglycerides & insulin
“Trend towards greater improvement in
the Low Carb group”
-all had lower uric acid
Time to focus on diet, not just animal protein
-if diet improves insulin resistance,
animal protein not cause of gout

Prior study: 30% [high] protein diet:
Results: Decrease in gout
Why: improved insulin resistance
“Take home point?
Animal protein causing gout is old science”


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