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BIKMAN6 LOW INSULIN: no fat storage; burns body fat; expels body fat /ben-bikman
presents episode 289: Ben Bikman
at Low Carb Down Under

If your trainer or physician recommends that you
-cut calories
-count calories
-eat less & move more
that is outdated, disproven science…
give them this video link

What happens when we
-INCREASE insulin?

What happens when we
-INCREASE insulin?

-in type 2 diabetics:
the insulin group: their metabolic rate DECREASED

As insulin was given more & more…
-became insulin resistant

Study, type 2 diabetics, from month 0…
-beginning insulin therapy:

-insulin dose INCREASED
-body weight INCREASED
-caloric intake DECREASED

Dr Bikman’s conclusion…
-Caloric model of weight loss is unproven & limited
-Endocrine model shows that:
-reduced insulin (from low carb eating):
~stops fat storage
~uses energy as heat (burns body fat)
~wastes energy (expels body fat in breath & urination)


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