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BIKMAN5 LOW CARB BURNS 2.5 TIMES MORE THAN LOW FAT (tell your trainer & physican!)
presents episode 288: Ben Bikman
at Low Carb Down Under

If your trainer or physician recommends that you
-cut calories
-count calories
-eat less & move more
that is outdated, disproven science…
give them this video link

When insulin low, Acetyl-CoA is turned into ketones…
-Acetyl-CoA is from lipid (fat) & glucose (carbs)
-cut fat molecules into small pieces of ketones

Turning fat into ketones so it can be “wasted” from the body…
-happening 5 to 20 TIMES more when in ketosis!
-taking pieces of fat and simply wasting it into the environment

“This is an accounting for energy unique to the
endocrine model”
-it debunks the worn-out theory of “calories in-calories out”

When in ketosis (fat-adapted, or fat-burning priority)…
-can lose weight even when in caloric excess

Study in humans…
-low carb group had highest metabolic rate

Second study…
-low carb group, could eat as much as desired…
-lost 2.5 times more weight then low fat group
-more evidence that there is some
extra use (or waste) of energy


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