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BIKMAN4 KETONES BURN BODY FAT…it is NOT calorie counting
presents episode 287: Ben Bikman
at Low Carb Down Under

Study, Ben Bikman’s BYU Lab:
-put rats into ketosis

High fat, low carb diets…
-all about keeping insulin low

High fat, low carb diets…
-cause subcutaneous fat mitochondrial uncoupling

“Causing the white fat to act more like brown fat”
-that is: instead of storing body fat, it is burning body fat

Next study…
-grew fat cells in petri dishes
-to address the question:
“Is this only happening at the level of the fat cell?”

-We turn them into fat cells…
~by giving them insulin

-when ketones are up, fat cells begin shifting
-they burn body fat
-instead of storing it
-this is important when we consider accounting for calories

If your trainer or doctor suggests you count calories…
-explain that it is insulin that stores body fat &
ketones that burn body fat…IT IS NOT JUST THE CALORIES
-share this video of Dr Bikman’s work


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