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BIKMAN2 LOW INSULIN PRODUCES KETONES…high insulin produces body fat
presents episode 285: Ben Bikman
at Low Carb Down Under

Shivering-induced thermogenesis…
-babies have enough brown fat to keep warm: no shivering

As we develop, relatively less of our fat is brown fat…
-more is white (storage) adipose tissue

If you have more brown fat…
-or you can induce more brown fat & it is active:
~you will be in a good place metabolically

Brown fat has more mitochondria…
-which is the site of oxidation of
~glucose (blood sugar) or lipids (fat)

Mitochondria also have the ability to pull in glucose…
-use it only to produce heat

UCP1 (Uncoupling Protein) is producing this heat

As the UCP1 produces heat, glucose comes down…
-this reduces the need for insulin, so it comes down too
-creates metabolic health

Acetyl-CoA in the liver:
-the branch point of many nutrients…
-nutrients turning into Acetyl-CoA
-Acetyl-CoA turning into nutrients:
~amino acids, glucose, fatty acids
-the liver dictates this…
-insulin is main hormone

Acetyl-CoA is a metabolite (end product of metabolism)…
-of lipid & glucose
-if insulin is high, turns Acetyl-CoA into lipid (body fat)

If insulin is low, turns Acetyl-CoA into ketones

Insulin is potent inhibitor of ketogenesis…
-this pathway is never resistant!
-insulin will always inhibit ketogenesis

But, when insulin is low, ketogenesis is happening…
-we produce ketones


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