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BIKMAN1 Brown Adipose BURNS BODY FAT…White adipose stores body fat
presents episode 284: Ben Bikman

Caloric model…
-if taking in more energy than using: gain fat mass

Endocrine model…
-energy we intake must be told what to do

When insulin is elevated above normal…
-tells the system:
~expand the influx of energy
~reduce the efflux of energy
-thus, the system gets bigger

Caloric model…
-the story begins & ends with:
~storing it or using it
-you can tally it up

Endocrine model encompasses almost all of the caloric model
-you can defend that it is NOT
just a numbers game

We have fat tissue all over our body…
-it acts differently in different environments

Endocrine theory substantially changes how energy is used

Insulin is a hormone

Ketones are metabolites

They are remarkably related

White adipose tissue wants to store energy (build body fat)

Brown adipose tissue wants to use energy (burn body fat)

Caloric model…
-energy use only done by muscles

But we all have a type of fat tissue that wants to use energy


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