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Ben Bikman8: Studies show–Low carb diets REVERSE insulin resistance…low fat diets do not
presents episode 239
Dr Ben Bikman,
in podcast by: MetabolixOrg

Study: low fat vs low carb of overweight women; results:
-glucose: about same both groups
-insulin in low fat: UP; in low carb: DOWN
-insulin resistance:
~low fat UP
~low carb DOWN

“HOMA got worse
in low fat diet”

Homeostatic Model Assessment for Insulin Resistance

An index to determine if a patient is insulin resistant

Another study; Insulin resistant vs insulin sensitive groups…
-low fat diet: no change in insulin
-low carb diet:
~insulin sensitive group: no change
~insulin resistant group:
significant reduction
only on low carb!

Conclusion: How to tell whether insulin resistant?
-fasting insulin: good if less than 6micro units/ml
-possible that insulin’s rhythm is at peak
~if low teens, could still be okay

Conclusion: How to tell whether insulin resistant?
-triglyceride to HDL ratio:
~good if less than 1.5
~warning greater than 1.5

Type 2 diabetes, increasing worldwide, due to:
-mounting insulin resistance
-starts in fat cells
-moves through rest of body