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Ben Bikman7: Low carb diets help type 2 diabetics REVERSE the disease and GET OFF insulin therapy
presents episode 238
Dr Ben Bikman,
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Review of studies of type 2 diabetics in insulin therapy…
Adverse effects:
-2 times cancer risk
-3 times heart disease mortality

“Giving patient insulin,
makes them fatter
& sicker”

Review of studies of type 2 diabetics in insulin therapy…

What happens to insulin resistance during insulin therapy?
-makes it worse!

-they must inject more
insulin as the
resistance grows

“Giving a type 2 diabetic insulin is like…
-giving an alcoholic another glass of wine;
hoping that will solve their problem”

“giving them more of
the thing that is the
cause of the problem”

Studies of diets on insulin resistance:
-low fat (typically recommended…)
-low carb
-intermittent fasting

Study: intermittent fasting for those on insulin therapy…
-within weeks, they improved so much:
-they stopped injecting insulin

Study: low fat (high carb) diet, late 1980’s, Dr Reaven:
-followed precisely the ADA recommendations

We have known for 30+ years that the conventional
dietary advice for diabetics makes them worse!

Clinical studies: low fat vs low carb
-what happens to insulin when eating these macros?
-fat: no change
-protein: modest effect
-carbs: 10x higher
than normal!
-stay elevated for hours

Human patients on low fat vs low carb
Low carb:
-15% reduction in glucose
-50% reduction in insulin
-56% reduction in
insulin resistance