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Ben Bikman6: Drugs for type 2 diabetes–problematic & less effective than moderate lifestyle changes
presents episode 237
Dr Ben Bikman,

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If insulin resistance is fundamental in the origins of diabetes…
-how can we fight it?
-best way is to lower insulin itself
~of the 3 causes of insulin resistance:

“lowering insulin is
firmly in our control!”

Best way to improve insulin sensitivity is to lower insulin…

Drugs: Good…
-metformin & anti-inflammatories
~minimal side effects
“Metformin is effective, with few side effects, but…
it is only half as good
as simple lifestyle

Drugs: Not so good…
-SGLT2 inhibitors cause urinary tract problems
-Thiazolidinediones (TZD)
~remember: hypertrophic fat cells become insulin resistant
~TZD converts these
into hyperplastic fat

“Problem: unlimited fat
storage leads to
unlimited obesity”

-Insulin or secretagogue (sulfonylureas)
~used because glucose
is seen as the problem

Clinicians: “let’s lower glucose at any cost!”
-push insulin up to superphysiological levels

“But, true lethality of diabetes is NOT based on glucose…
-true KILLERS are
derivatives of insulin”