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Ben Bikman5: Insulin resistant muscle, liver & pancreas ALL lead to type 2 diabetes
presents episode 236
Dr Ben Bikman,

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What is responsible for insulin resistance progressing…
-to type 2 diabetes?

Muscle is main consumer of glucose…
-after a meal and glucose spikes,
~muscle saves the day: eating 80% of postprandial load

Glucose uptake uses GLUT4,
-an insulin-dependent transporter
When insulin resistant, this process is compromised…
-uptake drops to half normal

Making blood glucose
levels rise!

-leading to
~type 2 diabetes

Someone who is in middle between :
-insulin resistance &
-type 2 diabetes
Muscle insulin resistance pushes them into type 2 diabetes

Liver is central to nutrient metabolism…
-production of fats (lipogenesis) &
-production of glycogen (stored glucose)

In normal, insulin sensitive liver:
-insulin will stimulate both of these processes

When liver is insulin resistant:
-lipogenesis is unaffected
-glycogenesis is compromised, instead:
~glycogenolysis (sends glucose into bloodstream)

“directly contributing
to diabetes”

In pancreas, we have alpha & beta cells…
-each producing glucagon & insulin
-glucagon tries to increase blood glucose
-insulin tries to decrease it

Beta cell insulin directly inhibits alpha cell glucagon
-thus helping it to lower blood glucose
When alpha cell becomes insulin resistant

“insulin’s inhibitory
power is lost!”

Moving more into
type 2 diabetes