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Ben Bikman4: Insulin resistant fat cells affect blood vessels, ovaries, brain, liver, muscle kidneys
presents episode 235

Dr Ben Bikman,
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Hyperplastic adipose tissue & blood flow…
the size of fat cells helps in normal
-vascularization &
-gas exchange

In contrast, fat cells with significant hypertrophic tissue…
the fat cells are too distant from capillaries, so
-become hypoxic (lack of oxygen), so
-fat cells secrete cytokines, like: VEGF
~to produce new
blood vessels

vascular endothelial growth factor

signal protein that stimulates formation of blood vessels

Consequence of this for rest of body:
-we now have more cytokines flowing throughout the blood
-inducing inflammation

hypertrophic fat cell is becoming insulin resistant &
~free fatty acids
These spill into tissues
down stream of fat

When blood vessels become insulin resistant…
-they have lost their dynamic nature for
~vasodilation (widening of vessels)
-exacerbates hypertension

When ovaries become insulin resistant (& hyperinsulinemia)…
-inhibits enzyme aromatase, so
-prevents ovulation &
-excess release of androgens, causing PCOS

When brain becomes insulin resistant…
-fundamental cause of Alzheimer’s Disease

When liver becomes insulin resistant…
-it’s making of fats &
-it’s packaging & releasing LDL & HDL is changed:
~driving dyslipidemia

abnormal levels of lipids, like:

When muscle becomes insulin resistant…
-becomes sarcopenic, due to loss of proteins

When kidneys become insulin resistant…
-they retain too much uric acid, so
-driving gout