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Ben Bikman3: Hypertrophic fat cells, when full, reject insulin push; leak free fatty acids!
presents episode 234
Dr Ben Bikman,

in podcast by: MetabolixOrg

Insulin resistance starts in the fat cells…
-when the fat cells ‘fall’,
-rest of body is not far behind

2 fellows, graduate college same time, life goes on…
-gain about 10 pounds a year
-join each other at 10 year reunion: both obese
-could be gaining fat in different ways

fat tissue expands:

-when individual cells are each getting bigger

-cell number increases
-recruit new cells to help
carry energy burden

Hypertrophy of the fat cell: is not a good thing…

Hyperplasia of the fat cell: is a good thing

Study: in diabetics, at the site of insulin injection…
-fat cells had hypertrophied several times normal size

“We tell diabetic patients to ROTATE injection sites to
PREVENT this type of fat cell hypertrophy!”

Insulin resistance happens in fat cells that are hypertrophic: bad!

“insulin is always stimulating fat uptake from the blood”
-pulling lipids from the triglceride-rich lipid proteins

Insulin resistance happens in fat cells that are hypertrophic: bad!

Usually insulin is inhibiting fat breakdown: lipolysis
-hyperplasia cells maintain their insulin sensitivity: so
~insulin can always tell
the fat cells to store
the energy

In contrast: hypertrophic fat cell CANNOT receive any more fat…
-insulin force feeds the cells
-fat cells begin leaking free fatty acids
-fat cells must leak excess fat to avoid becoming necrotic (death)