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Ben Bikman2: Stress & Inflammation: insulin resistance…cortisol, epinephrine & cytokines: culprits
presents episode 233
Dr Ben Bikman

July 2021

I strongly contend that insulin resistance starts in our fat cells…
-phase one: fat cell is insulin resistant
-when glucose is measured as too high:
~insulin resistance has
spilled into:

3 primary causes of insulin resistance…
-chronically elevated insulin
-high stress

Stress is driven by 2 hormones:

“Both stimulate glucose
levels to increase”

insulin antagonists

As these insulin antagonists push up…

Insulin works harder & harder = insulin resistance

When body experiences high levels of cytokines
(doesn’t have to become sepsis…)

“They also create an insulin resistant state”
-happens very acutely
-insulin sensitivity:
~goes down

Now close to diabetes

Inflammation: environmental conditions that contribute:
-diesel exhaust
-cigarette smoke

Inflammation (compromises insulin sensitivity):
Environmental conditions that contribute:
-diesel exhaust
-cigarette smoke

-autoimmune disorders

Biggest of 3 variables driving insulin resistance: Hyperinsulinemia:

“Chronically elevated insulin results in
steady reduction in insulin sensitivity”

Fundamental biological principle:

“Any incessant stimulus to a cell will result
in resistance to that stimulus”

“Hyperinsulinemia is one”