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Ben Bikman: Sprouting & adding apple cider vinegar can help make grains more healthy!

with Carly Wendel, presented in the IIQ Metabolic Classroom, June 15, 2021

Which grains are better to avoid insulin response?
Oats have lower insulin response than wheat &
have little or no gluten
Rice, especially sticky rice, is worse than wheat due to
it’s excess starch…

whole grain, brown rice would be about
the same as wheat

Carly: It may also be the way we are farming grains…
springfield wheat, over 1 million acres in US, owned
by a chemical company:
-get higher yield by spraying Glyphosate type desiccant
directly onto wheat
-what is that doing to our gut lining?
-suggests eating ancient grains

Quinoa: has no gluten and much lower insulin response…
recommended over wheat

Carly story: Uncle who was overweight & sick…
sprouted ancient grains and made waffles: had
great results

sprouted grains have higher & more

Starch: large class of food:
-undigestible starches: fibers
-digestible starches: immediately turns into glucose

psyllium husk: soluable fiber:
-our human enzymes cannot digest it, but
-our gut bacteria can
-it is a probiotic, soluable fiber

insoluable fiber is not digestible at all

Apple cider vinegar studies…
type 2 diabetics eating wheat:
results: apply cider vinegar will blunt glucose & insulin
response to any starch

Aren’t cereals, oatmeal, bread, pancakes, waffles, muffins,
bagels, just about the same?

Yes. (they are all delicious, but…)

The original insulinIQ youtube: