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Ben Bikman: PCOS 4: POWERFUL study: low-carb helps PCOS patients cut fat, glucose & body fat! Youtube podcast June 29, 2021
The Metabolic Classroom

Study: Low starch/low dairy diet effect on PCOS…

-lead doctor, Jennifer Phy, was Dr Steve Cole’s mentor
-treated his wife, who has PCOS
-this diet helped his wife become pregnant

-28 PCOS patients
-had to have specific BMI (body mass index)
-diet was: very low carb & no dairy
-no change in exercise
-8 weeks

-drew pre-study & post-study blood work labs
-repeated measures on same subjects: powerful study
-many findings had p-value less than .0001: very convincing

-weight reduction: 8.6 kg (19 pounds)
-fasting glucose reduction: 95 to 86
-fasting insulin cut in half (down 17 microgram/mL)

As a doctor…

“If I had a drug that could do these things,
with no adverse effects,
I would put every patient on it.
It just doesn’t exist
…but the diet did it”

Diet allowed: ad libitum intake of food…

-no calorie counting
-no carbohydrate counting
-no medications
-eat freely…everything got better