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BEN BIKMAN Part 2: Study: Low carb drops fat, raises muscle & maintains bone!
presents episode 333: Dr Ben Bikman podcast

Study: Jeff Volek, Metabolism, 2002…
-one take-away: Don’t Fear Protein!
-even when eating TWICE as much, their insulin dropped!
-Cortisol will reduce lean mass
(will strip protein from muscle & bone)
-so, think: if cortisol is up…
they should lose muscle mass

Study: Jeff Volek, Metabolism, 2002…
-in control group, body mass did not change much
-in low carb, dropped 2 kg body weight
~muscle mass increased by over 1 kg
-so, the idea that low carb means:
lose muscle mass is FALSE
-no reported change in exercise

Rich Hart, InsulinIQ & Elevate Gym:
-We see hundreds of clients on low carb…
-who never lose muscle mass
-they lose 40 to 50 pounds of fat mass
Dr Bikman:
-they used a dexa in this study
-bone minerals:
~no change in low carb group

For older people, especially women, wanting to lose weight…
-fear with typical low fat, low calorie, is lose of bone mass
-this study says that is not necessary!
~you can lose fat mass while
~increasing muscle &
~maintaining bone mass


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